Promote your link on Social Media

We've stepped out the first stage of promoting your affiliate partnership on social in 5 easy steps below:

1. Include your unique link in your Instagram bio.

On your instagram profile under your current bio you will see an “edit profile” button. By clicking on that, you’ll be able to customize or edit any of the information you can on your profile..

The third option down is a form field labeled “website”- is where you’ll be adding your link. Click "Done" in the top right corner and you’ve added a link to your Instagram bio! 

Multiple Links in you Bio

So that you can have multiple links in your bio, create a Link Tree account. This will allow you to send customers to your website as well as to Haircare at Home. Instructions to create an account are here.​


2. Do an announcement post on your stories and news feed of Instagram. 

The most engaging way to announce this is by showing your face to camera and talking to your clients about the new partnership. Below is a script you could use. Be sure to show your personality and explain how the partnership will help your small business as well as be beneficial to your customer:


" Hi everyone, I wanted to jump on here today to share some exciting news! At xxx salon we've been working hard to adjust to the new norm of 2020 and today we are delighted to share that you can now shop your at home hair products online and still support our small business! We are now an affiliate partner of Haircare At  Home and by shopping on this website xx% of the sale goes to us xxx salon. So this is great way to still shop local and also you'll get 10% off your first order. So it really is a win-win situation. Tap on the link in my bio to start shopping and send me a dm if you would like any advice on what products would suit you. Thanks again for supporting our business guys, we really appreciate it! "


3. Share it on your Facebook Page too! 

Ensure you post the same news feed post to your Facebook page and include your unique URL in the post caption.

Download social assets here.

4. Add a secondary post to your feed, after you have done the face to camera announcement. 

You can add a screen record of the customer journey your clients would take on how to purchase via your link. You can do this by screen recording your phone and posting that video.

 Download social assets here.



5. Now that you have announced the program you need to consistently communicate about the offering on your channel. 

We would recommend posting every 4-6th posts about the program and we will continue to give you content ideas on what to post in more blog posts to come. A easy idea that you can incorporate straight away is always mentioning the online service in product posts. Ensure in the caption of any product post you include a sentence along the lines of:

"Don’t forget, you can purchase this product online via following the link in my bio and 10% off your first order!"