Driving Customer Conversion

You’re now set up, let’s start driving those sales!
To get the most out of your new online store, it is crucial that you spend time planning and promoting your new offering.

Now is the time to let your valued customers, network, friends and family know that when they shop with you, they have choice. Not only can they purchase their haircare retail products during a salon service appointment, but also online if they are unable to get into salon regularly, or they run out of the products they need before their next visit.

Being able to give your customers flexibility and ease in the way that they can shop with you, can provide maximum customer satisfaction and in turn, result in a higher conversion rates. As we know, happy customers can mean repeat business and long-term loyalty and provide a fantastic referral service – all for nothing! We know that when our customers are happy with the service and choice that we can deliver, they will want to tell their friends and family.

What can you do to promote your website?  

Promoting your website across multiple channels will give you multiple touch points with your customers and allow you to ensure that your message is seen by not only your customers but also any potential customers.

Let's run through three key areas for promotion - In-salon, Direct & Online:


Ensure that potential customers passing by, as well as those who frequent your salon often are aware of your new Haircare at Home link. Make sure they understand how and what they can purchase from your store and what it will mean to you if they do. 
  • Staff implementation: make your staff are well versed in how to communicate your Haircare at Home link. Do you want them to talk to every customer about the website? Will you give them a sales incentive 
  • Marketing material around your salon:
    • Window signage/decal - ensure foot traffic are aware that your online offering allows them to buy from you 24/7 at a time and location convenient to them. 
    • Mirror clings - reminders at each station provide staff with a prompt to start talking about your online offering 
    • POS Counter card - sit it proudly on your front desk

TIP: Use QR codes on your in-salon POS. This will allow customers in the salon to seamlessly access your website. Generate your unique QR code here. 

Download our POS templates here.

Download Haircare at Home logos here.

Promotional Assets

We want to make promoting your new link as easy as possible for you. Promotional assets such as mirror clings, counter card templates, social media assets and email assets are available in the Creative tab of your Refersion Dashboard. They're ready for you to download, personalise with your logo and your unique link and start using straight away.


Of course you will want to reach your customers who don't regularly come into your salon and attract new ones with the convenience of shopping with you.

  • Telephone: Calling customers to book them in? Reminding them of their appointment or just checking in? Take the opportunity to remind them that if they are unable to get into salon and they’re running low on their favourite haircare products, you can send it direct to their door through your Haircare at Home website.  
  • Text message: Set up quick and easy automated text messages using our text templates. Send regularly and consistently. You never know when your customer may be running low on their favourite shampoo.
  • Direct Messages on Instagram or Facebook: A great way to capture your customer's attention while they scroll through their feeds. 
  • Emails: Inspire your customers to shop with you. Send them visual inspirational how-to content, or theme your emails: Summer hair protection, winter haircare routines, styling inspo. It might just inspire them to get shopping! 

TIP: Change your messaging to keep things fresh. Provide product recommendations and link direct to your online store. 

Download our communications templates here.


  • Social Media:
    • Include your unique link in your Instagram bio.
    • Add in-feed posts, stories to your Instagram or Facebook accounts.
    • Consider adding information to your highlights reel or recording yourself talking about your new website.
    • Promote your posts through Instagram advertising to reach a wider audience.

Download our social media assets here.

For more detailed suggestions, please read our Social Media blog here.

  • Website: Ensure your existing website has been updated with your unique link, so if a customer is looking for your opening hours or salon menu, they might just be tempted to head over to your new online shop at the same time! 

Regular and Consistent Communication 

Promoting your new offering across all of your salon channels ensures the message gets out promptlyregularly and consistently. It’s a great idea to consider creating a communications plan/calendar that includes the method and frequency of your communications as well as content ideas. This is a great way to keep your salon accountable and ensure there is an adequate frequency of communication with your customers.

Content Ideas  

  • We are excited to launch our new Haircare at Home website for all of your haircare needs straight to your door.
  • 10% off first time orders when you shop online with us.
  • Your hair needs to feel good too. Shop online with us today.
  • Great hair anytime, anywhere. We've got you covered.
  • Get great hair today and tomorrow. Maintain your hair at home, shop online 24/7 with us today.